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Hillcrest Care Center is a residential facility for the elderly and patients with multiple sclerosis. It has been operating for more than 30 years.

Volunteers from Grace Brethren visit every week to play music and help residents with their speech/communication needs.

Check out Hillcrest's Web site to learn more the organization. To find out volunteer opportunities, contact Pastor Eric Marsh at


Hope for Long Beach (HfLB) is a ministry of Grace Long Beach that serves our city. It exists to extend mercy and justice in Long Beach by mobilizing the church to serve, and by developing strategic partnerships. (Learn more)

"I'll be frank with my opinion. The larger world is not picking up the signals of compassion from the branch of Christianity of which I am a part. While Nicholas Kristof of The New York Times often applauds our movement for its far-flung programs in AIDS, home building, hospitals, and disaster response, we are not known as compassionate people as we do these things. All our good efforts are covered by the sense that we are proud, angry, and vindictive in our selective approaches to those needing some form of redemption.I don't want to be perceived as a hard person with an accusatory message who occasionally does good deeds. Much better to be perceived as the wounded healer who exchanges his bandages with the one who has none to offer back."

Gordon MacDonald
Editor at large of Leadership and chair of World Relief

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