Why we do what we do

Our mission is to help followers of Jesus pursue the flourishing of Long Beach.

HfLB is not a stand-alone organization. We are an externally-focused movement launched and supported by Grace Long Beach.

To understand our mission, it is helpful to understand what makes us tick at Grace.

Grace is a community of the new creation, living out of the Gospel, for the flourishing of all.

A community of the new creation – In Jesus, God is forming a new community that not only renews individuals, but also serves as a sign of the new creation. This community is marked by qualitatively different relationships in which we experience sacrificial love, mutual dependence, and hospitality.

Grace is a community where people of all age and life stage worship and work together, raise families and share friendship together, rejoice and weep together, and struggle together to embody the way of Jesus in the world.

Living out of the gospel - The gospel is the declaration that the God of Israel--the creator of all things—has acted through the death and resurrection of Jesus to rescue a lost and broken world. His great act of rescue has the power to transform both individuals and communities and will one day be implemented in all of creation.

Grace is a community where all that we are – our hopes and dreams, values and way of life, identity and purpose, relationship with God and neighbor – is being reshaped, renewed, and transformed by this good news.

For the flourishing of all – Jesus came to this earth with a mission to put us into right relationship with God, others, and the world, and thus bring about the spiritual, social, and cultural flourishing of all creation. He invites us to join him in this mission.

Grace is a community of moms and dads, seniors and singles, students and teachers, bankers and businessmen, social workers and artists who seek to use our time, talents, and treasure to promote the flourishing of our homes, neighborhoods, city and world.

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